Why Should You Pursue Plumbing as a Career Option

The construction and building sector deals with building, additions, alterations, installation, reconstruction, repairs, and maintenance of the structure. People employ plumbers for so many works like sink installation, pipe fitting, waste elimination, bathroom installations, deal issues related to pipes, repairs, and so on. They are in high demand when any new construction takes place; any plumbing system goes wrong, water efficiency standard maintenance, in factories, in power plants, etc. However, their work is not limited to these tasks.

If you want to take Plumbing as a career, there are excellent job opportunities. This is because the competition is not so high in this area. This area of work is known to have high incomes as compared to other jobs in the construction industry. The primary 5 career opportunities in the construction industry are Plumbers, Joiners and Carpenters, Electricians, Painters, and Building Project Managers.

Plumber and Plumbing- what is it?

A plumber repairs, installs, and maintains pipes which are meant for water or gas supply and carry waste for elimination in office, home or any other property. A plumber sets up toilets, bathtubs, appliances, sinks, and other water supplies/disposals. They function along with construction workers to do their plumbing according to the design and need of the building framework.

Responsibilities of a Plumber

A plumber performs the following duties:

  • Set up of plumbing and pipe fixtures
  • Equipment inspection and operation like vacuum gauge and pressure to locate the trouble areas and their cause.
  • Clear toilet and sink drain clogs
  • Troubleshoot and finalize a strategy to fix the issue.
  • Fixtures and pipe repair
  • Cost estimation of repairs and equipment set up
  • Current suggestions and affordable pricing to their customers

A plumber should have some soft skills such as troubleshooting, listening skills, appropriate verbal communication, critical thinking, and physical strength.

Salary of a Plumber

Earning or salary of a plumber depends on the site location and their experience. Their median salary is higher as compared to other construction workers in the industry. Their median salary is approximately $50K-$53,910 and around $40-$43.90 per hour. Experts/Master plumbers can reach about 100k dollars as well.

Career Opportunities/Job Prospects

There are several advantages of being a plumber and pursuing it as a career. The demand is high and a plumber will never go out of work. This is because there are consistently people either from home, office, business, or related to any other property that will require experts to deal with their plumbing system issues and maintenance. This sector of the construction industry is currently short of skills and requires several plumbers in the industry.

Plumbing Jobs near Me

The plumbing industry has job prospects as AC and mechanical services plumber, Gasfitter, Drainer, Roof Plumber, Pipefitter, a standard plumber, etc.

Below we will take a look at some career paths in the plumbing sector:

Plumbing Technician

Training or getting a license to a plumbing technician will put in a slot where you are eligible for works in different residential, commercial, and industrial properties. By being a certified plumber, you serve lots of clients in these areas with the required skills and knowledge. You will be able to maintain, repair, and set up different water or gas systems more efficiently. A technician’s primary duty will be identifying issues and help his customers in making a proper decision to a solution.


This is one of the specializations of the plumbing sector. By mastering different skills in installation and plumbing safety, you can professionally install a piping system in industrial and power plants. You can maintain them appropriately by consistent monitoring. In power generation plants for cooling and heating systems, proper monitoring is essential. You will handle automated control systems installation and their configuration regulations.


These are another type of pipefitters. You should get specialized training to become in-charge of related pipe works. Digging and leveling the pipe trenches to place pipes are part of a pipe-layering. These pipes installed are generally transportation systems for carrying gas, drainage, sewer, and water systems. The pipes could be of cement, clay, and iron.


Steamfitters are another specialized just like pipefitters in the plumbing sector. But, to become a certified steamfitter, you need to get training in this specialty. As a steamfitter, you will set up pipes that are used for transporting gas materials that are under high pressure.

Gas Service Technician

This is a specialty where a plumber is qualified in gas delivery through the location. Business and homeowners use gas services to replace and repair equipment that is working improperly. A gas service technician inspects for leakages with special equipment. They also carry tests on control systems.

Project Managers

Project managers manage and supervise their team of employees. A plumbing course has to be done where you will learn management techniques. A project manager duty includes supervision of day to day tasks of his team members. He should ensure their employees are working functionally without compromising on quality. Their salary is above the regular plumbers.

Business Owner

Plumbers with their expertise and knowledge, gradually transit to being business owners. For the same, you have to take extra sessions in training in all areas of plumbing. This is essential to be efficient in monitoring and carrying out all the plumbing practices. Being a business owner, you have to take care of all the essentials of your employees. The plumbers working under you should also be efficient, skilled, and knowledgeable about their job duties. To successfully handle your business, you can also take up business management classes. This will help you to get a knack on business skills and to get the job done right.


A wide range of job opportunities is available in the plumbing sector to pursue it as your career. With so many jobs and people retiring from this field annually, the demand for a plumber is high. A professional plumber garners good salaries too. Check out the various training resources and fields available in this sector to become a skilled plumber. Choose the one that suits best for your interest and needs. Most training is done under an apprenticeship, so you earn and learn. The job outlook is excellent in the plumbing sector and therefore, pursuing it as your career is a good choice.